Wave Riders Club

The Wave Riders Club by surfing.com is a collection of 5,000 Wave Rider NFTs – unique digital collectables anchored on the Bitcoin Blockchain via Stacks. Your Wave Rider is your club member card and grants lifetime access to members-only benefits, first of which is premium content and exclusive voting rights in the upcoming United Surfing League. Future benefits and perks will be unveiled along with our road map.   

How do you get one?

The Wave Riders Club NFT collection is available to mint (purchase) here now! Since we are minting exclusively with HeyLayer, buying a Wave Riders Club NFT is super easy! Simply click on the Mint button and Pay with USD by credit card or Pay with STX using your Hiro Wallet.


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    The collection has been created with the artist Matthew Laurence Knott who has collaborated with brands such as Armani, Levono and Samsung and is best known for his eye-popping characters and obsession with color. 

  • Provably Rare

    Every Wave Rider Shark is unique and programmatically generated from over 110 possible traits including eyes, skin color, clothing, food, etc. and they are all headed somewhere. Just like sharks in the real world some Wave Riders are rarer than others. 

  • Bitcoin and Stacks

    Each Wave Rider Club NFT is recorded on the Stacks Blockchain which is anchored to the Bitcoin Blockchain with the image hosted on IPFS.  


Buying a Wave Rider gets you more than just a provably rare piece of art. You gain access to a club with benefits which will increase over time. Your Wave Rider will serve as your digital identity unlocking lifetime access to premium surfing content, metaverse experiences, VIP experiences with the United Surfing League and more! 

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    Provably Rare
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    Lifetime Access
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    Metaverse Integration
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    VIP Experiences
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  • 7

Early adopters inherit the most rewards!  

Each year 5000 Wave Rider Club NFT’s will drop providing lifetime access to all the club has to offer. This genesis drop will automatically inherit all the benefits offered each subsequent year as opposed to the 2nd generation drop which will not include drop specific benefits offered the year before. Each drop will adopt one ocean related environmental cause with a portion of proceeds going directly to that cause.
For the Genesis Drop that Cause will be
Shark Stewards 

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    Per Drop Goodies
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    Built In Value
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    Ocean Cause


  • 1

    Plan your Voyage

    16 March 2022

    Sign up begins. Get on the list and be the first to know all the details regarding the release.

  • 2

    Check the Manifest

    25 March 2022

    Mint date released. The countdown will be short so be ready, and check the FAQ’s!

  • 3

    All Aboard

    25 April 2022

    Time to Mint! Whitelist first followed by the Public Mint 24 hours later. Discord launch.

  • 4

    Check your Ticket

    26 April 2022

    Which Wave Rider did you get? Better check the rarity straight away! Did you punch in those coordinates? HINT

  • 5

    Don your Gear

    ? June 2022

    WRC Genesis drop exclusive gear ships. Get ready to rock some Wave Riders Club gear!

  • 6

    Sport Time

    Q3/Q4 2022

    United Surfing League. Wave Riders Club special access begins – be the first to see content, first to vote and the first to know who the finalists are!

  • 7

    Token Time


    Vote, View Content, Submit News, Engage and be rewarded with a loyalty token. Share the STOKE!


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Our definition of surfing is broad and inclusive of everyone connected by it. The Wave Riders Club has been created as a Community for all surf fans across the world and each member will enjoy all the benefits we offer as we roll out the Wave Riders Club roadmap, the United Surfing League, Places, global Surf News network and a surfing token that connects it all. Surfing.com is taking a leadership role to form the Web3 layer for surfing and are actively engaging in talks with like-minded individuals, brands, surf organizations and others that are a part of the surfing ecosystem to develop this layer for surfing! Get ready - the future of surfing starts now!

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